Hyperion Hoop

Hyperion Hoop

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Date Added: Monday 24 November, 2014

by Hayley O'Beirne

A fantastic purchase, and all round superb customer service! This Hula Hoop does everything you could ask for and a whole load more! I was so happy to receive this, generally, when you look forward to something so much in reality when it arrives, because you hoped for something so great it turns out to be lower then your expectations. I can safely say that this was NOT the case with my Hyperion. The wait was worth it and i couldn't have chosen a better hoop! I'm ecstatic with my purchase. The build is the best i've seen on a hoop. The customer service has been out of this world. In all i would highly recommend this hoop to ANY hooper for purchase (or non hooper!!) This is a Hoopers dream come true _3

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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