GM300 Mini-Din Adapter

GM300 Mini-Din Adapter

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Date Added: Wednesday 05 June, 2013

by Edward Taylor

This adapter will even work with the Motorola CDM-750 VHF radio even though this radio has a 20 pin accessory connector on the rear, the inner 16 pins are the same as the GM300. Just make sure you have it plugged it correctly.... with the radio upside-down, the GM300 mini-Din Adapter will be facing up as you are looking at the bottom of the radio. when you turn the radio right-side-up. the adapter will be upside down and you should be looking at the bottom side of the circuit board. Just like it is pictured on this website.


When using it with the CDM-750 radio you should be able to see pins 17 & 18 on one side of the adapter and pins 19 & 20 on the other side.

Talk about plug-and-play, did not have to make any adjustments the the GM300 Mini-Din adapter or to my OT-USB. Even works without any adjustments when using the CDM-750 with my MFJ-1278B TNC.

Great job!!!!

Edward Taylor, ka4vmp
Fishersville, Virginia

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