Hyperion Controller Board

Hyperion Controller Board
Second generation Hyperion controller board, suitable for replacing a damaged controller in a Gen 2 hoop or building your own LED props.

WiFi-capable boards are now available. Gen 2 Bluetooth and WiFi boards are interchangeable, but please note that Gen 1 hoops require extra modifications before they can be upgraded to either version.

Dimensions: 2.9" long x 0.6" wide x 0.29" high
Power requirements: 3 to 5 volts DC, typ. 70 mA

The installed 3-pin 0.1" header is configured for use with WS2812-compatible LEDs. The 4th pin provides a clock signal for APA102, LPD8806, and related LEDs.

The #4-40 clinch nut serves as both the mechanical connection and the positive battery connection. The header pinout, starting from the side nearest XTAL, is as follows:

1: Ground
2: LED data
3: LED power (5 amps max)
4: LED clock (for synchronous type LEDs)

To configure the LED type, set led_type in config.ini to one of the following:

1 for LPD8806
2 for WS2812/SK6812
3 for APA102
5 for SK6812 RGBW
6 for SK6812 RGBY

The rgb_order setting (0-8) can be used to select non-standard color channel orders.

Boards carry the same 2-year warranty as the complete hoops. Remote controls are available separately.

Price each$90.00$80.00

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