The T3-Micro is a Tracker3 in a USB dongle form factor, presently in beta testing. It includes an on-board GPS receiver, and its only external connections are USB and a radio port. Power is provided over the USB connector. The T3-Micro can be connected to a PC, run from a cigarette lighter USB adapter in a vehicle, or powered standalone with a USB battery pack.

Documentation is provided through the support wiki.

Important beta test caveats:
The T3-Micro currently includes no enclosure. A plastic enclosure may be available in the future, but because of possible board layout changes in future revisions, there's no guarantee that the enclosure will fit the first board revision.

No on-board battery backup is currently provided for the GPS receiver. This means that every power-up is a cold start and time to first fix is on the order of 3 minutes.

No pre-built cables are presently available. A 3.5mm TRRS plug is provided with each T3-Micro so you can build your own cable.

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