ADS-WS1 Weather Station

Out of stock - Expected June 2024

The ADS-WS1 is a complete low-cost APRS weather station suitable for direct connection to a radio (no TNC required) or a PC (via RS-232). It also includes voice synthesis capability to read current weather conditions over the air without a PC.

Kit includes:

  • Anemometer
  • Wind Vane
  • Rain Gauge
  • 2-Part Mast
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Electronics

The electronics package includes temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity sensors, plus 2 MB of flash memory for voice synthesis and data logging. The box should be mounted in a sheltered location, or used indoors and connected to external sensors. Currently only an external temperature sensor is supported.

With the current firmware, serial port 1 puts out 2400 baud data in Peet Bros data logger format and has been tested to work with Virtual Weather Station and Weather View 32.

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