T3-301 Serial and Power Cable

This cable is designed to simplify connection of the T2-301 or T3-301 TNC/radio combination. The yellow end connects to the tracker module, and the black end has the same pinouts as the OT2m/OT3m, allowing direct connection of a GPS receiver, PC, Y-splitter cable, etc.

Power is provided to the tracker through the red and black power lead. Anderson Powerpole connectors or a cigarette lighter plug with LED indicator are available as options below.

Power lead length is 50 cm / 19", data lead length is 12 cm / 5".

This cable should not be used with the FC-301/D radio without the tracker board installed.

1No Connection
2Port A Data In
3Port A Data Out
4+5v Power Out
6No Connection
7Port B Data Out
8Port B Data In
9No Connection

Available Options:

Power connector:

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