Hyperion Service - Counterbalance Change

Hyperion Service - Counterbalance Change
Counterbalance change service - to add the 3-point counterbalance, or remove an existing counterbalance. Please see the hoop service form and packing & shipping tips for return info.

If you'd like to send in your hoop for a counterbalance change (addition or removal), order that service here.

Note: You don't need to purchase this if you're already getting one or more of these services done at the same time: downsize, re-tube, or warranty repair. Counterbalance changes are free during these services.

We've received a lot of positive feedback on our newer 3-point style counterbalance. The 3-point counterbalance has two smaller, approximately 1 ounce counterweights. They form a triangle with the battery as the third point. They add a total of 1.9 ounces to the hoop.

Our original 2-point counterbalance had one larger 1.5 ounce counterweight directly across from the battery. Switching from the old 2-point balance to the new 3-point only adds 0.4 ounces to your hoop's overall weight.

Counterbalance changes takes 2-10 business days from the time we receive your hoop, depending on how busy we are that week. The hoop will be returned to the address you specify on this order. You can choose the shipping method you want us to use to return your hoop during checkout.

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