Hyperion Hoop

Hyperion Hoop
If you're ready to order your Hyperion Hoop, you've come to the right place. If you landed here looking for information about the hoop, please visit visit http://hyperionhoop.com for details.

Payment Options

We can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal online. PayPal Credit is also available when you select the PayPal option and will give you the option to take up to six months to pay, with no interest.

You can also arrange to pay by check, money order, wire transfer, Western Union, or Bitcoin. For any of those options, choose 'check/money order' as the payment type, and contact us at info@hyperionhoop.com to arrange payment.

We can also set up a layaway plan and hold your spot in the production queue after an initial $100 deposit. Layaway plans have no time limit for payment. Email us to request info or arrange a layaway plan.

Important things to know before you order

  • There is a wait time for hoop production. Click here to see the current wait time estimate.
  • The shipping method you select will not affect the time it takes to build your hoop. It only affects the time it takes to deliver your hoop after it ships out.
  • We may sometimes substitute a faster shipping method than the one you chose if it is available for the same price, so if you absolutely require delivery by a particular courier (e.g., UPS) please make a note of that on your order.
  • International customers please note that you may need to pay import duties, VAT, or other fees upon receipt of your order.

Customizing Your Hoop


We currently offer sizes from 22" to 40" inner diameter (ID). Inner diameter is measured from inside edge to inside edge. Subtract 1.5 inches to convert from an outer diameter measurement (inner diameter = outer diameter - 1.5 inches). For example, 30" OD = 28.5" ID.

Each hoop comes with one free downsizing, which can be claimed at any time. See the Hyperion Hoop website for more details.


Check out our handy Hoop Weight Calculator!

Normally, the side of the hoop with the battery is slightly heavier. Without counterweights added, the Hyperion is the lightest 3/4" smart hoop on the market and is better balanced than any other smart hoop with a removable battery. Many hoopers prefer balance to light weight, though, so we also offer a counterbalance option.

The counterbalance option adds two weights totaling 1.9 ounces to even out the weight distribution. We've adjusted our counterbalancing style based on user feedback and testing, and this counterbalance makes tricks like palm spins flow more easily than ever before.

There is no added cost for counterbalancing. Soft weights are placed under the LED strip, and don't create any gap between lights. Counterweights can easily be added or removed later at our workshop.

Tubing Material and Color

The Hyperion's tubing is 3/4". A 5/8" hoop is currently in development.

HDPE tubing is milky white, fairly flexible, and durable. Small scratches can be sanded and buffed out. HDPE softens when hot but handles cold better than polypro. It can be kinked but is resistant to cracking and shattering. LEDs shine through HDPE with a slightly diffuse glow. The internal parts of the hoop are mostly concealed by HDPE tubing.

Polypro (Polypropylene) tubing is clear/transparent. It is more rigid and very slightly lighter in weight than HDPE. LEDs shine through as distinct points of light, with little diffusion. Polypro is tough but does not tolerate cold as well and can crack when used at low temperatures. It is more prone to cracking and shattering than HDPE at all temperatures. The internal parts of the hoop are visible through Polypro tubing.

Multiple colors of Polypro are available: clear (natural/transparent), aquamarine (light blue-green), or violet (medium purple). Colored tubing is semi-transparent and doesn't affect the lights showing through, except for a slight tint on white patterns.

Hoop tubing can be changed or replaced later with our re-tubing service, currently $30 for HDPE or clear polypro and $45 for colored polypro.


Every hoop order includes one accessory kit. The kit includes a 2-slot battery charger with wall adapter and car adapter, four batteries with case, remotes (44-key and 7-key), hoop manual, micro-USB cable, extra remote battery, sandpaper, and a few maintenance items. Unless you need an international charging adapter, you won't need to purchase any additional accessories to get started with your hoop.

Twin hoops purchased with the $100 twins discount will receive a single accessory kit for the pair.

The standard wall adapter works with North American outlets. For other regions, a multi-country adapter is available separately.


All Hyperion hoops ship with no grip treatment, but include two types of sand paper so you can sand it to your preference.


We now offer two options for wireless connectivity: Bluetooth and WiFi. Bluetooth has been standard in the Hyperion since its introduction and can be used to sync two hoops or to connect to the Android app. The WiFi version can be used to sync many hoops and poi at the same time, and it supports Art-Net for wireless DMX control.

Bluetooth hoops can't sync with WiFi hoops and vice versa. The WiFi version is still under development and its browser-based interface is not as complete as the Android app yet, but it's the recommended option for anyone syncing more than two hoops or poi, or for choreographed performances that need live wireless control and integration with lighting control systems.

WiFi hoops can also be controlled by iPhones and other iOS devices, as well as any desktop with a modern browser, while the Bluetooth version is limited to Android only. The WiFi version has slightly shorter battery life when the WiFi connection is in use.

If you're using more than two hoops together, or if you need iOS support, we recommend the WiFi version. If you need to sync with an existing Bluetooth hoop or plan to use the Android app, you'll want the Bluetooth version.

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