ADS-GM2 GPS Receiver

The ADS-GM2 board is based on the new GlobalTop Gms-hpr GPS receiver. It features low power consumption (20 mA tracking, 25 mA acquisition) and comes pre-loaded with high-altitude capable firmware for reliable operation above 60,000'.

The carrier board includes a voltage regulator for operation up to 12 volts, and both RS-232 and TTL compatible inputs and outputs are available at the 6-pin 1mm pitch wafer connector.

A female DB9 connector (included) can be added to the left edge of the board and matches the pinout used by our ADS-GM1 receiver, allowing the module to be directly connected to most of our trackers.

Default baud rate is 4800 baud. Some earlier units were set to 9600 baud.

Wafer connector pinouts. Pin 1 is towards the center of the board: 1 - TTL out, 2 - TTL in, 3 - RS-232 out, 4 - RS-232 in, 5 - Power (3.3 to 12v), 6 - Ground

DB9 pinouts: 2 - RS-232 out, 3 - RS-232 in, 4 - Power, 5 - Ground