Speaker Mic Cable - Common Type

Speaker/mic cable of the type used by most Icom, Yaesu, Alinco, and Radio Shack handheld radios. Straight cable, 60 cm / 24 inches long.

Considering how popular this connector configuration is, you'd expect these cables to be very common - after all, they're perfect for connecting APRS trackers, TNCs, or any similar device to a handheld. But while they're common in finished devices, it turns out they're virtually impossible to find by themselves for any sort of reasonable price. Until now, anyway. We had to import these directly from a factory in China that produces radio accessories for companies like Kenwood. They're excellent quality cables, brand new, with pre-stripped and tinned leads.

Installed in Icom Handheld
Connector Closeup

All of our speaker mic cables should be wired as followed:

Red   - Speaker
White - Mic
Blue  - PTT (if used)
Black - Ground

You should check that the connections match your particular radio. Connections used only for cloning or programming are usually NOT present in these cables.

Price each$6.00$5.00
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