OpenTracker+ Support

Configuration Program

The otwincfg.exe configuration program can be used with all models of OpenTracker and Tracker2. For otwincfg connection problems, see the FAQ.


The easiest way to update the firmware is to use the 'Load Firmware from Web' option in the configuration program.

The following firmware files are provided for off-line use. This firmware is only for use with the OpenTracker+.

otplus.s19 OpenTracker+ standard firmware build 54908 March 18, 2009
otplus-1wirewx.s19 Dallas 1-wire weather station support December 17, 2008
otplus-peetbros.s19 Peet Bros weather station support December 17, 2008
otplus-kiss.s19 KISS firmware December 17, 2008
otplus-smt-telem.s19 Extended telemetry support for OT1+ SMT December 17, 2008
otplus-i2ctx.s19 OpenTracker+ firmware for RTrak April 12, 2008
otplus-psk31.s19 PSK31 (31.25 bps BPSK) support for OT1+ SMT August 6, 2007


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