Here you'll find information on our core products and a few of our import items. All of these products and many others are available for purchase through our online store.

APRS and Packet Radio

Our APRS-compatible tracking and telemetry products include the OpenTracker+, Tracker2, and Tracker3 series trackers and the ADS-WS1 weather station.

Simplex Repeater

The ADS-SR1 has a recording capacity of 218 seconds of high-quality audio, and can be used as a simplex repeater, radio voicemail system, automatic voice beacon, and voice auto-responder. It features DTMF remote control, upgradeable firmware, and low power consumption.


We carry voice and data radios for hobbyists and professionals, including handheld radios by Puxing, 2-meter transmitters by SRB electronics, data/voice radio modules by Friendcom, and high-speed ISM band data radios from Hope RF.

Slow-Scan TV

Our SSTVCAM module is a unique slow-scan TV encoder with an integrated camera capable of sending still frames in four different popular SSTV modes. The SSTVCAM is suitable for high-altitude balloon use, weather monitoring, wildlife observation, and many other applications.

Other Products

You'll also find a variety of other products in our online store, including GPS receivers and hard-to-find cables, connectors, and ICs.